CONCRETIKA DEVIDER Concrete OM collection


Platform: 3dsMax 2018 + obj
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Concrete
Size: 108 Mb

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There are 7 textures in the concrete series
60 x 30 x 50cm
60 x 35 x 80cm
80 x 30 x 50cm
90 x 35 x 70cm
100 x 40 x 50cm 

Some models of pots can be optionally equipped with an auto-irrigation system. When installed outdoors, we can make drainage holes.

Almost all of our products are made of polymer concrete.
We are constantly experimenting with production materials: our process engineers study modern technologies, materials and world experience. Flowerpots and flowerpots made of polymer concrete are our latest development.
The use of polymers and various additives allows you to change the structure and properties of the concrete mix, improve its technical performance. Thanks to the use of polymer concrete, we were able to further reduce the weight of the products. So, if the weight of a planter made of ordinary concrete is 80 kg, then the weight of a similar planter made of decorative concrete is 25 kg, and the weight of a similar product made of polymer concrete is 10 kg.
In addition to the weight, which on average ranges from 1 to 10 kg, pots made of polymer concrete have a number of advantages: the products are very durable in relation to impacts, they are not afraid of the effects of temperature, moisture, and ultraviolet radiation.

The range of pots presented in our online store is produced serially. We will try to maintain a constant stock at our production site in Tver. Delivery time for small editions is on average 5-10 working days. Delivery time of editions from 20 pcs. calculated