Heated towel rail of Nike LV (g)


Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal
Size: 62 Mb

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Production company "Nika" - one of the leading domestic manufacturers of towel rails. We constantly monitor the latest innovations and fashion trends of the world of plumbing equipment, developing new models:
• 12 collections of heated towel rails, which are constantly updated with interesting new items;
• water and electric: almost every model can be made in both versions;
Most towel warmers from the model range are available in 16 sizes (50/40; 50/50; 50/60; 60/40; 60/50; 60/60; 80/40; 80/47; 80/50; 80/60; 100/40; 100/47; 100/50; 100/60; 120/40; 120/50; 120/60);
• an interesting treatment of the towel warmer pipes - Openwork or Vintage;
• complete set of fittings and accessories for every taste: for water driers - sets with temperature control, external and internal thread, for electric towel warmers - several variants of heating elements (MOA, MEG, KTX 3) with the possibility of installation both on the left and on the right;
• own paint shop allows you to paint in any color according to RAL, metal plating (complex paint: bronze, copper, Tuscany, akvaprint (carbon, wood, marble), polymer coating (moire), and even make a towel heated with real gold;
• production allows you to perform almost any fantasy designer to order.