Flight Shadows decor sculpture by Artem Zakharchenko / two white birds


Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Corona
Style: Modern
Material: Metal
Size: 51 Mb
The subject title is "Flight Shadows"
Written by Artem Zakharchenko, Zakharchitects
Manufacturer - MZPA (mazepa)

Sculpture "Flight Shadows", decorative version, the smallest size in the collection.



This object symbolizes the dynamic movement of a static form.
Visual incompleteness shows us the dynamics of the transformation of form, the acquisition of new meanings, the desire not to stop. But we can never escape the main - our shadow. In it lies all our depth and memory. No matter how far we "flew" far away, we will still leave a trace on the earth for those around us, which will reflect our life's path.

"Flight shadows" is a good gift for designers and people who are looking for unusual things.