Outdoor wall lamp (sconce)


Platform: 3dsMax 2018 + obj
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Square
Style: Modern
Material: Metal
Size: 310.41 Kb

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Article: O572WL-L20B3K
Article: O572WL-L20GR3K
Article: O572WL-L20W3K
Series: Fulton
Model link: https://maytoni.ru/products/dekorativnyy_svet/bra/o572wl_l20b3k/ 
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Wall street lamps for architectural artistic lighting. Thanks to the movable shutters, you can adjust the angle of the light flux and create individual lighting graphics. The oval and rectangular body is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and powder coated. An LED module was used as a light source. Models are presented in black, gray and white.