Decorative grille RODECOR Art Deco 17101AR


Platform: fbx/obj
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood
Size: 42 Mb

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Decorative grille RODECOR Art Deco 17101AR
Size: 1200 * 600 * 8 (mm)
Details about the item: 

The sculpt decor of RODECOR is Piterra's own exclusive brand. This is a designer stucco decoration, designed to

to fill the interiors of the people of Russia with a great deal of meaning, to bring into them the cultural heritage of a great country with the help of

advanced technology and in accordance with modern trends in interior design. RODECOR is designed and

produced in St. Petersburg from an innovative material - polymer gypsum. It is durable, lightweight, dense

plastic when heated and moisture-resistant, and therefore, behaves well during operation. For comfort

our designers have created a full 3d-library of elements with the stucco decoration RODECOR, prepared drawings and

ready 3d-projects for ceilings and walls. Thus, you can easily choose the appropriate option from

existing project catalog or create your own design - our 3d models will allow you to realize any idea!

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Latest RODECOR news on Instagram: @rodecor_official

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Telephone: 8 800 700 92 29 (free call)

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