Mirror / Bookcase / Cabinet Laura Romano Home


Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood
Size: 60 Mb
Manufacturer: Romano Home Factory
design and manufacture of handmade furniture and home decor
Company website: http://romanohome.ru 
Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/romanohome/ 

Special conditions for designers
- manufacture of products to order
- individual finish
- project protection
- reliable delivery

Model: Mirror / Rack / Cabinet Laura Romano Home
Dimensions are adjusted
Width: 800 mm
Depth: 200 mm
Height: 1380 mm
Finish: Italian materials - sheet metal / chalk paint / individual finishes
Material: solid wood, furniture plywood, MDF, Italian furniture PU
Link to the model: http://romanohome.ru/katalog/shkafyi-i-vitrinyi/navesnoj-stellazh-lora.html 

Production in any size

Email: info@romanohome.ru
The author of the model: https://3dsky.org/users/gunny611