Titania Circle Mini and Titania Circle Grand Romano Home Mirror


Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal
Size: 1.82 Mb

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Manufacturer: Romano Home Manufactory
design and manufacture of handmade home decor
Company website: http://romanohome.ru 
Instagram companies: https://www.instagram.com/romanohome/ 

Model: Mirror Titania Circle Mini Romano Home
Diameter 600 mm
Reference to the model: http://romanohome.ru/katalog/zerkala/kopiya-zerkalo-titaniya-circle-mini.html 

Model: Mirror Titania Circle Grand Romano Home
Diameter 1000mm
Model reference: http://romanohome.ru/katalog/zerkala/kopiya-zerkalo-titaniya-circle-grand-new.html 

Finish: gold / silver / painting / individual
Material: sculpted polyurethane

Production in any size

Email: info@romanohome.ru

The author of the model: https://3dsky.org/users/gunny611