Torex Super Omega 100 NC-2


Platform: 3dsMax 2018 + fbx
Render: Corona
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Wood
Size: 81 Mb
Super Omega 100 by torex

The Super Omega 100 is based on the “power up the strong” principle. This is a modernized version of the famous and beloved Super Omega 10.

What makes the Super Omega 100 the most secure door in its class on the market?

1. Increased thickness and strength of the door leaf and the entire structure as a whole.
2. Combination of locks of the highest degree of safety and reliability.
3. Burglary protection SABP - Torex's proprietary development, which allows you to protect locks from cutting by installing a multi-layer sandwich made of materials of different density and installed in a special way.

Each point inspires confidence in the inaccessibility of such a door. And if you need more, Torex offers additional "impenetrable" solutions - reinforcement of the leaf with "Reinforced heat-concrete" and a second sheet of steel, installed on the inside of the door leaf, under the decorative panel.

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