Beaulieu International Group

Who we are

Beaulieu International Group is a Belgian industrial group. We produce polymer raw materials, textile semi-finished products and floor coverings for home and business use.

We have been working since 1959

The history of the B. I. G. group begins with the second half of the twentieth century. Belgian Roger de Klerk planned to follow in the footsteps of his father, who owned a large agricultural company for growing flax. But the crisis in the linen market forced him to look for new sources of income. And in 1959, Roger de Klerk founded a carpet factory in his native Belgian town of Vilsbek.

In just a few decades, a small family-owned manufactory has grown to the level of an international holding company, becoming one of the world leaders in the production of floor coverings.

For all its scale, the business of Beaulieu International Group is still a family business.

Our mission

We work to make it more comfortable in any space around you, whether it is a house, an office, a clinic or, for example, a school.

As one of the leaders in the production of floor coverings, we are shaping the future of the market and are an example for others. Our range of floor solutions allows you to choose the best option for any premises. After all, among the coatings there is a whole variety of colors, designs and textures that organically fit into interiors of any complexity and direction.

What we produce

Flooring Solutions — is the key division dealing with the production of a wide range of floor coverings. For many years, Flooring Solutions has been the European market leader in the segment of wall-to-wall carpets and one of the world leaders in the production of modern vinyl flooring (vinyl and LVT), laminate, parquet boards, artificial grass.

Polymers – is an important link in the global chemical supply chain. The direction is responsible for the production of granular polyethylene, which is used not only at B. I. G.'s own production facilities, but also supplied to other companies.

Engineered Products - production of yarns, fibers, technical textiles and sheets. B. I. G. fibers and yarns are successfully used in the global automotive industry, road construction, agriculture and the production of hygiene products.

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